Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4D Embroidery tips

Software Tips:

The 8.3 update for 4D Embroidery Extra or 4D Embroidery Pro
The 8.3 update will not show in the about embroidery (under the help menu),
unless you have 4D Monogram Wizard installed.

To see if the 8.3 is installed if you do not have 4D Monogram Wizard:
Open 4D Embroidery extra.
Open the letter tab (lower right hand corner)
Click on Multi Color
Scroll down or click on the font camera and look for the font named Trellis.
If it is there, you have the 8.3 update installed.

The 8.31 update for 4D Embroidery Extra or 4D Embroidery Pro
This update is ONLY for those with Windows 7.

Reinstalling 3D or 4D software on a new computer.
When installing 3D or 4D on a new computer or reinstalling on a computer that you have had the program on before:
The dongle will not work until you have updated the software to the point that it was on the old computer.
The dongle was updated with a newer version of the software than the original. The dongle cannot read the original version of the software.
Remember to turn off your virus control and your user account before installing any 4D software

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